Find the 10 largest directories in Linux

Recently I got some troubles with a web server that was failing due 100% memory, smart as I am (not) I configured some tools to use the hard disk for caching. A few days later I needed to find the largest cache directory, so I got this handy command memorized for ever. This is how […]

Fix TwigBridge and Laravel 4.2

As you may have noticed TwigBridge 5.* doesn’t work well with Laravel 4.2. PHP Fatal error: Class ‘Illuminate\View\Environment’ not found I had to update to Laravel 4.2 because of the Queue improvements so it wasn’t something that could wait. In Laravel 4.1.15 the Environment classes have been renamed from Environment to Factory. That breaks with […]

jQuery Ajax call tutorial

Somehow I got a lot of questions about jQuery and Ajax, which is quite easy to understand. I’ll show you how to create an ajax call using jQuery and update the page without reloading. I assume you have knowledge of HTML, CSS and basic HTTP techniques.

a simple search with AngularJS and PHP

Recently I found AngularJS, a so called “Superheroic Javascript MVC framework” by Google®. I must say I am impressed by its simple, readable and quick way of working.

List all controllers and methods in Codeigniter

Use the following library to list all Controllers and methods of a Codeigniter application. You could use it for information about your application or to protect controllers and methods with an ACL plugin for example.

PHP and MySQL LOAD_FILE solution

Are you near your boiling point when using the MySQL LOAD_FILE function fromĀ  a PHP script, here is the solution. You already debugged the file uploads, file movements, renaming and so on, nothing worked.

Mount USB devices to a fixed mountpoint in Debian

The problems I faced when using USB harddisks or USB pendrives for backup processes is that each time you connect them they will have a different ID. For example: I connect USB harddisk “Iomega” to my Debian Squeeze machine which will assign ID /dev/sdc1 to it. The next time I connect the same “Iomega” harddisk, […]

Access MySQL from a remote machine

If you want to access your MySQL server from a remote machine you must adjust some settings first. Be warned though, remote access might attract some unwanted visitors :-) Although if you want to access your MySQL server from a machine within your LAN you still need to adjust these settings.